Certified Backflow Testing


According to the latest Minnesota State Plumbing Code, all homeowners and businesses with testable backflow devices are required to have them tested annually. The most common testable backflow device at a residential home is a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB), which is found on nearly every residential irrigation system. Other places you may find a backflow prevention device include fire suppression systems and boilers, as well as anywhere hazardous chemicals are used.

St. Cloud Sprinkler Company employs multiple certified backflow testing specialists. Contact Us today to set up an appointment to have your backflow device tested.

Backflow FAQ

Backflow FAQ

What is a PVB?

Pictured below, a Pressure Vacuum Breaker is a backflow prevention device typically found on a residential irrigation system that prevents water from flowing from the sprinkler system, back into the municipal water supply. It is typically located on the side of a house, approximately 1-2' above ground.

Why should I have my backflow device tested?

A backflow prevention device that is not working properly can allow for contamination of the drinking water supply. This can be caused by a leak in the house, city water main break, hydrant flushing or hydrant use to put out a fire, or any other loss of pressure in the city water supply.